Gardening Makes Us Healthy ~ In More Ways Than One!


It kind of makes sense that working in the garden is good for our health.  Spending time outdoors, engaging in exercise, gaining the mind-clearing and creativity that comes from being focused on beauty… it just seems naturally beneficial.

In recent months, scientists have taken this thought farther, conducting a number of studies to quantify these benefits.  That’s great, because years ago it seems like no one took this seriously, even though there was plenty of anecdotal evidence that being outdoors and in gardens helped calm and inspire.

The folks at crafted the handy infographic above, which highlights some recent garden research findings.

We’ve also highlighted some studies on our Facebook page  that connect outdoor activity with improved mental health and children’s attention and memory, making them better students.

And, we have some older research posted at on our How-To page – just scroll down to the “Research” heading.

If you’re trying to convince folks that a school or community garden is a good idea, these studies give you some real leverage.

Gardening Makes Us Healthy ~ In More Ways Than One!